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* Workshops and events are free and open to all. Please email us here to register — and let us know which workshop or specific event you would like to attend.

Coffee Fortune Telling

Monday  20 Sept – from 3pm
Coffee Fortune Telling by Mr Hasan with turkish music by Mr Yoghurt and illustrations by Orly Orbach. Come and get your future read in the left overs from your freshly made coffee.

The Lift & the Space/Object

Wednesday 22nd, breakfast (soft launch) – 10am to 12am
Come discover the first publication by Maria Jeglinska in collaboration with Olivier Lebrun. Maria will be present to walk you through her publishing project: The Space/Object & the Lift are both projects of Maria Jeglinska, Office for Design & Research. This publication works as an independent project, resulting from a collaboration between Maria Jeglinska and Olivier Lebrun. The content functions as an itinerant exhibition where the publication follows the reader-viewer. The book documents the research (drawings, sketches, models, renders, visual research) that preceded the projects: the Lift (2010) and the Space/Object (2008). With an essay by EESTT (Eastern European Study Think Tank) and typefaces by Emmanuel Rey.

Home Chaos Workshop

Friday 24 Sept (time to be confirmed).
Home Chaos Workshop by Nelly Ben Hayoun in collaboration with Austin Houlsdworth (explosive designer) and  Carina Fearnley (volcanologist, Hazard Research Centre, UCL Earth Sciences department). Come and take part in this risky workshop, where you will learn how  to make a giant living room volcano out of coffee and smoke bombs, a real sleeping giant in the corner of your domestic environment! Each participant needs to bring 4 grounded coffee packs. Age 18+ only.

À la Ronde

Sunday 26 Sept (time to be confirmed)
À la Ronde, by Arabeschi Di Latte
The Coppa dell’amicizia, (Friendship’s cup) is typical of Val D’Aosta, a northern region of italy. A big wooden bowl with lots of little beaks for each person to drink a special coffee from. Arabeschi di Latte will bring this traditional object to London to see the effects of a social ritual that creates relationships with friends and strangers.

Pies in the sky

Saturday 25 September, 10am-1pm
Pies in the sky. A collaborative effort to the glory of the Pies. Chloé Stengel, Claudia Klat, Gregory Ambos and Régis Tosetti invites you to join them for a moment of cooking pleasure…

Influence of background music on the sensory perception of coffee

Influence of background music on the sensory perception of coffee. Date and time to be confirmed.