FoodMarketo is half pop up store, half cooking workshop, selling contemporary design objects commissioned to both up-coming and established international designers and hosting daily workshops to share recipes and everyday life ingredients.

FoodMarketo is a joint project by Apartamento magazine and DesignMarketo. Both ventures are interested in the design sphere and decided to collaborate for FoodMarketo, an exclusive event at the Milan Design Fair 2010. After the huge success of the event, we would like to reiterate the event and do a London version for the London Design Festival 2010.

For FoodMarketo «Coffee & Friends», we invited a range of international designers to react to a brief based around coffee (as a drink and as a place). We will select twenty objects to be made and presented for the first time during FoodMarketo. Two London based designers, Max Lamb and Lars Frideen, have been specially commissioned to design furniture for our shop and event space. We will also invite a few ‘guest’ to organise workshops during the week.

Apartamento Magazine is an independently published magazine and was
founded in 2008 with the first issue released in Spring 2008. Meanwhile
it is regarded within an insider community as one of the most interesting
appearances on the publishing sector related to everyday life, design,
visual and material culture. In Milan the 5th issue was released as part of
our FoodMarketo exhibition. The issue was presented to invited guests in an
exclusive opening as part of our show.

DesignMarketo is a shop and platform (online and on occasions as pop-
up shop) selling and promoting a handpicked collection of designer’s
products and projects. We started off with a range of designers operating
in the London area — mostly in East London — and mostly through
personal encounters within our networks. Meanwhile our reputation and
experience has grown to include a wider range of designers and our vision
is of having a global sight and outreach — the selection of designers is
concerned as well as our fields of operation.